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New Senior Event Calendar!

In this new year, the strength, love, and support of our community has become even more crucial for living fulfilling lives. Celebrate, share, and enjoy others growing older with you over breakfast, lunch, dinner, or coffee at times and days…

Ellen on What Makes America Great

“The truth is we’re taping this show on Tuesday afternoon, so people at home you know something that I don’t and that we all don’t…” DeGeneres said at the opening of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Go To:

Older LGBT adults: Aging well in rural communities

Many stereotypes abound in relation to older LGBT adults. One is that none of them live in rural communities. If they do live in the country, then they are faced with a life of loneliness, goes the assumption. Go To:

Celebrating Black LGBT Pioneers wants to give props to African-American pioneers, who not only faced racism, homophobia and gender inequality, but also helped pave the way for future advocates. Go To: