Boston Pride Week Running June 6th To June 15th, 2014


pride dance line danceLGBT Senior Pride Coalition Tea Dance

Sunday, June 8, 2013 at 3 P.M., Holiday Inn, 1200 Beacon @ St. Paul Street, Brookline

Watch a 2012 Pride Video:   LGBT Senior Pride Coalition/Boston Pride Committee

Put on your dancing shoes and plan to come to this year’s LGBT Senior Pride Tea Dance. Every year it’s one of the best events of Pride Week for the 50-plus set, their friends and allies. If your dance moves are a little rusty, no one cares! And if you just want to socialize, meet old friends, or make new acquaintances, you’re free to do that too.

After all, we have hundreds of reasons to dance and celebrate Pride 2014. Just think back to the fifties and sixties, before the Stonewall Riots in 1969, when the fight for equality is said to have started. (of course we know differently)

It was a time when dreams of Camelot were destroyed by the Kennedy and King assassinations.  There was constant worry that someone would find out you were gay, and you’d get fired or thrown out of your apartment.  There was a real threat of being accosted — or worse — after leaving a club.  And for a while in Boston, there was even the fear that the Boston Strangler might come calling.

It was a time when many of us used nicknames in the bars. We had codes for the clubs and meetup locations.  Not-yet-legal LGBT kids went to the “Club 21” on Charles Street. Sporter’s was the “Dirty” or “The West Side Tennis Club.” The Napoleon was called the “Wrinkle Room.” And a lot of guys cruised along the Magic Mile, Meat Rack or the Block near the bus station.

Today, for most of us, there is no more hiding. Attitudes are changing, laws are protecting us, same-sex marriages are becoming commonplace, and much of corporate America has LGBT employee groups. Even those who never dreamed of coming out are starting to push against the closet door.  Equality is within our grasp. Isn’t that reason enough to dance?

See Boston Pride Website for schedule of events here.  Also see North Shore Pride Parade click here.

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