Golden Gays: They’re Gay, They’re Gray… Get Out of Their Way!

gay-voicesRegardless of the show’s ultimate success, the significance of Golden Gays lies in the fact that it is the first television show in history to focus on the lives of lesbian and gay seniors. By definition, this is groundbreaking television. Lesbians and gay men who came out of the closet in the early ’70s had no role models. Although we probably didn’t realize it at the time, we not only took on the task of defining a new way of being in the world but had to reshape society and force the culture at large to make room for us. Until now, no generation of individuals could say that they spent an entire lifetime leading an openly gay lifestyle. It just wasn’t possible. After decades of pioneering by being, we must now define what “old and gay” looks like; we never had role models for that. Golden Gays finally puts a face on gay aging. Win, lose or draw, gay seniors have a place at the table at last.

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